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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Boat Trip

E. planned a boat trip for entertainment for the visitors. We made a half hour trip around the harbor. I can't quite figure out the geography here but there are bays and harbors and extinct isthmus, a peninsula and a mainland. I am still not sure where I am in relation to all these features.

As for the fish...that was quite a meal. After the boat trip we went to the fish market. E. picked out the live fish and some shrimp and carried them across the way to a restaurant where they were cooked for us. We used pieces of very thin flat bread to scoop up the spicy shrimp, and we used our fingers to pick out the fish. Very, very good.We sat on the second floor balcony of the restaurant--the family section. All restaurants have family sections where women may sit...rarely alone,
usually with their husband and children. Usually these sections are on the second floor. Anyway, we were on the open second floor where we overlooked the fishing boats and a large volcanic formation with an old fort at the top. Bats swooped in the late twilight, fishermen told fishing stories on the beach and about a dozen cats circled our table waiting for tidbits.

The cats here look tough--long wide noses, squinty eyes, long, lean legs and bodies. These cats probably have life better than other city cats. In fact, they didn't eat all the fish we tossed down.


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