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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pizza Hut

Last night my director and nine of the other teachers took me out for my birthday. If I tell you we went to Pizza Hut it may give you false impressions of the city, but we did indeed go to Pizza Hut. I have no idea why there is a Pizza Hut here. It is the only restaurant within hundreds of miles that has to do with 'the West.' Maybe that is why! The director said that in the past, the helicopter from Hunt Oil used to be sent to pick up pizza here.So, I guess it is oil that brought Pizza Hut here and the pizza was very good.

As for another birthday---it feels strange to be older than the hills, but it also feels very good. I am grateful to be alive, well, healthy and at the beginning of another adventure. Last night I went for my first jogging session since leaving Kansas. I felt wonderful. We sweat here without stopping. Sweat Is. My apartment has four rooms all in a row and there are room airconditioners in the front and second rooms. I am in the third room, my office, and I am sweating. Last night Edward, the director, was telling us how nice the weather is here. "It rarely breaks 100 degrees." The truth is -- maybe that is true--but it also rarely drops below 99 degrees. Combined with a constant 98 percent get the picture.

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Blogger ABU ZAID said...

Wow Janet you make my city sound so dull. Well it's the northern occupation Janet.

6:23 AM  

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