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Friday, October 07, 2005

On Aden's buses

All is well here I just miss my kids terribly, but I hear from them and know they are fine. My students are very sweet, ready to laugh and learn. My apartment is on the grounds behind the walls of one of the schools I work for so I need only about sixty seconds to get to work. Soon my classes at the Law School will begin. You may pray for me then.

Yemen is also a very safe country. The Security Officer at the embassy said the only worry we would have is pickpockets. Aden is the city where the U.S. ship, The Cole, was attacked in 2000. This was done by outside extremists and apparently the government and the people were so enraged by the act that security forces clamped down on the ‘bad guys’ and the country is quite safe as a result. I have not been to other countries in the Middle East but those who have say that Yemen is the best place to learn about traditional Islamic culture. It IS interesting here.

You will all be happy to hear that once again busses are a big part of my life. Mini bus routes are flexible here. The destination of the first person who gets on the bus determines the route handy! I was taking a bus to the Sheraton Hotel the other day to use the gym there and I was told I would have to take two busses, changing to a second route. The first bus stopped and I was the last passenger to get off. I indicated to the driver that I wanted the bus to the Sheraton Sheraton I am shrugging my shoulders dabab (bus)??? He shrugged HIS shoulders then motioned for me to get back on and he took me to the hotel. Customized bus route not bad. More later. Hope you all have a lovely autumn. Enjoy the changing temperature and falling leaves and think of me.


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